Tuesday, 27 November 2012

nails:gradient with glitter.

This is a super simple and cute aqua to pink gradient with a glitter top coat.
I love these two colours together. I think it works great on it's own or would make a pretty background for some nail art.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nails: Acrylics

Hello! today is non art related, this is some of the Liquid and powder ( Acrylic ) nails that I have been working on. The top set is a before and after. 

This set is a natural looking extensions that I have done. The first picture is without polish, and the second is polished. These are fab if you need something a litter longer, but don't want your nails to look very "fake". 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nails:orange and yellow

Here is a sort of before and after of my nails.
This is nina pro like butta (yellow) base, with essie's orange it's obvious sponged on top. I the decided to add some gold glitter, and a little konad lighting bolt.

Simple but cute - do you agree? What have you been wearing on your fingers recently?


Monday, 5 November 2012

Nails: Water marbling weekend..

I wanted to try some more water marbling ideas I had been thinking about. I also wanted to try my new W7 glitter polishes that I picked up last weekend. Firstly I wanted to say how much I love the W7 glitter polishes, good coverage, and very sparkly.

Here are some photos:

<<< This is the purple glitter over, a colorclub grey- purple base, from the back to boho collection.
I just used one coat over the base colour, there are a few spots that are a little lacking in glitter, but as I knew I would be added my design over the top I decided against having yet another coat of nail polish on, as this is already three coats.

What is your favorite type of manicure?    <3

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nails: nude and pink

This is another quick and simple manicure today. Nude and pink. I showed you this nude here in September, but this time I added this shinny pink striping tape down the length of the nails slightly to one side.

I've been playing with tape a lot recently, so there will be plenty more nails using it to come.

Have you tried striping tape? What do you think?


Nails: Natural french manicure.

This is a very natural french manicure, with the idea being to just make the nails look clean and natural and not to "in you face" white.
I used Essie- ballet slippers for the tips, just one coat lightly applied, followed by a pearly pink from color club. I topped it all off with a good coat of seche vite.

Do you like your french manicure to be natural or to be bright white and "fake" looking?


Nails: Ideas from pinterest - tried and tested

I am a huge lover of pinterest, I spend a lot of time looking through all different sections on there, but my faveourite is the hair a beauty, and the food sections. I thought I would share with you some of the things I have tried and how they turned out..

First up are these funky nails, I had seen some bright nails that had beautiful colour gradients with animal print over, so I decided to recreate them with my own slight twist. I got a lot of complement the day I wore these..

This is something that looks so cute in real life I wouldn't stop looking at them. This is water marbling over top of holographic nail polish. I wasn't sure how this would turn out, and if the holo would show through, but it does, and gives a slight holo/metallic look to the nails, even though the colours a used to marble were just plain creme

Have you tried pinterest yet?
What ideas have you tried, and how did they turn out?


Make up: My daily look

This is my first make-up post. As you can probably tell I am far more comfortable show nails than I am make-up, even though I do my make up every day, and don't often leave home with out it, I am less exciting with my face than with my hands.

<<< As you can see I normally keep my makeup quite simple in the day, especially for work. I find that keeping my make-up neutral in the day is good for two reason, I know what I am doing in the morning when I am in a hurry and super sleepy, and if I am going out after work, I don't have to take everything off to re do it, I can just touch it up, and add some colour to match my outfit if I need to.
It surprisingly takes me quite a few items to make me look natural, around 10.

Here is what I use:

Primer: bodyshop - Matte it
Foundation: Vichy dermablend corrective stick - opal.(12)
powder: bodyshop loose face powder - 3
Bronzer: E.L.F - contouring blush and bronzing powder ( I just use the bronzing side.)
Blush: bodyshop - petal (01)
Brows: Hd brows - foxy (I also use this as eye shadow.)
Eye shadow primer: E.L.F - sheer.
Eyeliner: bodyshop - eye definer in black.
Mascara: Technic sk-eye high lashes - black.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nails: A few more Halloween ideas.

 Hello guys and gals. This is a quick post with some more Halloween nails - now I know Halloween was yesterday, but I thought I'd show you what I was rocking for the (lack of) festivities.

This are the nails I wore for the 31st. I just used some pink glitter nail polish from colorclub then just added some cute little Halloween nail stickers over it.

These nails are some more toned down nails that I did with little spiders webs on. I love the frosted pink in the left image, but I am less sure if I like it when covered with glitter. I just drew the web on free hand with a white nail polish and a small brush.

Show me your Halloween nails in the comments section below.

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